The Narrator is Recruiting


  • Finance Officer
    • Process receipts for funding, donations, allocate budget
  • IT Coordinator
    • Publication layout, posters, leaflet design, website and social media maintenance
  • Marketing Secretary
    • Organise events, communicate updates through media platforms, liaise with English department, YUSU, advertisers
  • Proof readers
  • Sub Editors – to become Editors¬†following issue 2.3

Attend submissions meetings, write feedback for writers, propose initiatives to bring The Narrator forward


Please send us an email indicating interest and attend the meeting on Monday 12th October at 6.15pm in the F.R. Leavis room for an informal introduction.

Noteworthy blogs of the week 09/11/14

  1. РMolly Bell, a writer for The Narrator and editor at Unknown Magazine, has a personal blog well worth visiting for its blend of personal observation and literary appreciation.
  2. –¬† Forgotten and ignored writers resurrected on a forgotten and ignored blog.
  3. – The tumblr of perhaps the best film distribution company around.
  4. – As is the wont of NPR, a literature blog deftly treating high and low with equal respect.
  5. – Maria Popova has found the time and patience to establish one of the most respected cultural blogs on the internet.

Noteworthy blogs of the week 01/11/14

  1. – The personal blog of one our regular contributors, Emily Gardner.
  2. – The pleonastic and abstruse David Foster Wallace making us all sesquipedalian.
  3. – A veritable treasure trove of freely (and legally) accessible culture. You’ll find hundreds of free films, ebooks and online courses.
  4. – Nothing has to be said, really.
  5. – The tumblr of Little White Lies film magazine. Be sure to link through to their website while you’re at it.

Noteworthy blogs of the week 25/10/14

  1. – A whistle-stop (and somewhat fragmentary) blog of western art. Not in any way comprehensive or coherent as a guide, but refreshing in its standalone quality among the plethora of art tumblrs out there.
  2. – Hilariously irreverent illustrations of philosophy and poststructuralist theory, peppered with more serious and interesting articles.
  3. – A platform for the discussion of diverse and pertinent issues. Impressive in its ability to find common ground among a wide range of topics.
  4. – Similar, but in a more literary vein. It needs less explanation than exploration. One of my favourites.
  5. – The musings of one of The Narrator‘s regular contributors and resident theatre reviewer, Dan Underwood.