Noteworthy blogs of the week 09/11/14

  1. РMolly Bell, a writer for The Narrator and editor at Unknown Magazine, has a personal blog well worth visiting for its blend of personal observation and literary appreciation.
  2. –¬† Forgotten and ignored writers resurrected on a forgotten and ignored blog.
  3. – The tumblr of perhaps the best film distribution company around.
  4. – As is the wont of NPR, a literature blog deftly treating high and low with equal respect.
  5. – Maria Popova has found the time and patience to establish one of the most respected cultural blogs on the internet.

Noteworthy blogs of the week 01/11/14

  1. – The personal blog of one our regular contributors, Emily Gardner.
  2. – The pleonastic and abstruse David Foster Wallace making us all sesquipedalian.
  3. – A veritable treasure trove of freely (and legally) accessible culture. You’ll find hundreds of free films, ebooks and online courses.
  4. – Nothing has to be said, really.
  5. – The tumblr of Little White Lies film magazine. Be sure to link through to their website while you’re at it.

Noteworthy blogs of the week 25/10/14

  1. – A whistle-stop (and somewhat fragmentary) blog of western art. Not in any way comprehensive or coherent as a guide, but refreshing in its standalone quality among the plethora of art tumblrs out there.
  2. – Hilariously irreverent illustrations of philosophy and poststructuralist theory, peppered with more serious and interesting articles.
  3. – A platform for the discussion of diverse and pertinent issues. Impressive in its ability to find common ground among a wide range of topics.
  4. – Similar, but in a more literary vein. It needs less explanation than exploration. One of my favourites.
  5. – The musings of one of The Narrator‘s regular contributors and resident theatre reviewer, Dan Underwood.